Bigger and bigger proxy list

As we represent a fresh-starter website, we are glad to announce you that soon we will reach an 800.000 proxies in our indexed list. For the time this is written the main page enlisted around 30.000 live proxies in our system.

Numbers are significantly increasing each week and we hope to make our way through the top listed proxy sites worldwide and to become recognized as a top tier public proxy provider.

Recently we released a new way for you to get a glimpse of the services we provide, the one-day trial for only 2$. That means after the payment is complete, you will recieve account details in the paypal email and you will have complete access to our live proxy database for 24 hours.

As mentioned in an earlier post, we started paying attention to other niches as well. We intend to increase our area of interest as we have access to a very large live proxy list and to come up with new products.

We started working at a bot blocker against spam-bots. That means we want to prevent our community from other people using a free proxy server list to spam or hack. So the our main intention to care about the users comes very clear as it is well known that the average user hates unwanted fake traffic or malware, pop-up ads and so on. The protection provided by this bot blocker releaves you of this problem and allows the user to focus more on his subject of interest. We have on-going work of development and will be ready soon.

This blog was created for the users to get an idea of our activities, thus it will be updated with latest news of our work. We prepared many surprises, including an update of our web proxy server.

That being said skyul thanks you for using it’s services and helping improve. Stay sharp as new products are on the way.