Hacking attempts

hacker pirate Hacking attempts

In case you had any downtime with our API yestarday, It’s because we had to run some maintenance to make sure that everything in our system was ok. This is because recently we had some hacking attempts and we had to make sure that we prevent any exploits. Regarding the attack, the hackers analyzed our server and tested to find any possible exploits.

By the way, we are referring to crackers, black hat hackers, not the good guys hackers that are looking to innovate how things are working.

Back to the hacking attempt, we had over 7k page scans for various bugs, scripts, code injections and sql injections. Our system automatically banned the ips that conducted scanning over our services for exploits, but that wasn’t all.  Bellow I’ll mention what we did next.

What actions we took and why we think that the attack in our web server had a positive effect on us.

We double checked what hackers tried to do, because we wanted to understand their model and to figure out what they might do in future. After analyzing logs we noticed that their search was a more “generic” one, probably conducted with metasploit or other hacking software.

For us, this attack opened a new business opportunity for us and you might probably guess what we started doing. If you understand our business model right now, we indexed over 1 million proxies, so why not to use them as a method to prevent attacks in the  future ?

Bingo, that’s it, we started working at an anti-bot service ( could be expanded to prevent ddos attacks), which will first be tested in house and then released into the market.

We finished tests and we encourage everyone to do daily backups and scan their servers to make sure they don’t end up in an unlucky situation. We were lucky in this case, but we don’t want to repeat the same mistake twice. Preventing errors and point of failure is a must have in any business.

That’s all we wanted to say recently, if you are interested to get an early beta into our bot prevention service you can contact us via the contact page.

Bigger and bigger proxy list

As we represent a fresh-starter website, we are glad to announce you that soon we will reach an 800.000 proxies in our indexed list. For the time this is written the main page enlisted around 30.000 live proxies in our system.

Numbers are significantly increasing each week and we hope to make our way through the top listed proxy sites worldwide and to become recognized as a top tier public proxy provider.

Recently we released a new way for you to get a glimpse of the services we provide, the one-day trial for only 2$. That means after the payment is complete, you will recieve account details in the paypal email and you will have complete access to our live proxy database for 24 hours.

As mentioned in an earlier post, we started paying attention to other niches as well. We intend to increase our area of interest as we have access to a very large live proxy list and to come up with new products.

We started working at a bot blocker against spam-bots. That means we want to prevent our community from other people using a free proxy server list to spam or hack. So the our main intention to care about the users comes very clear as it is well known that the average user hates unwanted fake traffic or malware, pop-up ads and so on. The protection provided by this bot blocker releaves you of this problem and allows the user to focus more on his subject of interest. We have on-going work of development and will be ready soon.

This blog was created for the users to get an idea of our activities, thus it will be updated with latest news of our work. We prepared many surprises, including an update of our web proxy server.

That being said skyul thanks you for using it’s services and helping improve. Stay sharp as new products are on the way.

Proxy List trial

We added a new payment and a new page for one day proxy trial, which will give users the ability to test our scanned proxies every single day.

In case you are looking for a fresh list we will offer you our list which keeps on growing and growing day by day. Even if it’s hard to find new active proxies there is plenty of room to search for new proxies to add into our list.

This was just a small update  with our new page regarding our proxy list trial hope you enjoy!

Seo world

After investigating other niches where to expand our development we still noticed that we hit over and over the seo world. Most of our customers use our ips for seo and that’s why we decided to get involved into the seo world as well.

After all skyul is all about web tools, so why not to take this approach as well.

Right now we are working at an seo tool that will give users a better insight about a certain url. We will work with multiple api’s to gather more data about that certain url and to come up with a better analytics regarding seo plus suggestions.

Keep an eye on our main page, because there we will be adding our first seo tool, in the main menu.


In the past month we have been working to improve our proxy list quality even more. Right now we got a plan how to include google passing proxies as well, just that it will be single threaded wich is kind of sad for us.

Beside that, we are happy to announce our free proxy list that is now available in our main page.

We are thinking to add in the future something to track search engine rankings and to add suggestions for websites such as possible keywords with low competition and traffic. We will keep you informed on how this goes on.

Public proxy can’t be used for reverse proxy

We want to be clear for everyone, that our service only includes public proxies scanning and those proxies can’t be used as a reverse proxy.

This means that you can’t put your server behind a public proxy for direct connection to your server. Usually a reverse proxy is used for caching and for ddos protection.

Reverse proxies can hide the existence and characteristics of an origin server or servers and they can reduce load on its origin servers by caching content. Proxy caches of this sort can often satisfy a considerable number of website requests, greatly reducing the load on the origin server

The public proxies that we are using can be used with different tools to scrape content and to create new ones, hiding your origin ip. This means you could bypass restrictions and scrape whatever you want from search engines and from other web sites.

If you want to take a look at our public proxy list you can request a 2$ trial via the chat from the main page.

Google Scraping

It was highly requested to find more public proxies that are working with Google and we did it. The average active proxies found in our system increased by ~20% and our total unique proxies will reach 600.000 ips.

Big numbers, but we don’t plan to stop here and we are researching and experimenting with a new type of product.  We are not sure that we can do this but it’s worth a shot, we plan to take out our competitors with this thing. We will offer one ip:port which will connect to multiple proxy sources, but there’s a catch, we will use public http sites to crawl the information and most of them, over 80% will bypass any Google restriction, because those aren’t spammed.

The problem we are facing right now is that we need to filter as many sources as we can, to ensure the quality of our content and to prevent any kind of malware.

I’ll keep you informed on how this works out icon wink Google Scraping