Google Scraping

It was highly requested to find more public proxies that are working with Google and we did it. The average active proxies found in our system increased by ~20% and our total unique proxies will reach 600.000 ips.

Big numbers, but we don’t plan to stop here and we are researching and experimenting with a new type of product. ¬†We are not sure that we can do this but it’s worth a shot, we plan to take out our competitors with this thing. We will offer one ip:port which will connect to multiple proxy sources, but there’s a catch, we will use public http sites to crawl the information and most of them, over 80% will bypass any Google restriction, because those aren’t spammed.

The problem we are facing right now is that we need to filter as many sources as we can, to ensure the quality of our content and to prevent any kind of malware.

I’ll keep you informed on how this works out icon wink Google Scraping