Hacking attempts

hacker pirate Hacking attempts

In case you had any downtime with our API yestarday, It’s because we had to run some maintenance to make sure that everything in our system was ok. This is because recently we had some hacking attempts and we had to make sure that we prevent any exploits. Regarding the attack, the hackers analyzed our server and tested to find any possible exploits.

By the way, we are referring to crackers, black hat hackers, not the good guys hackers that are looking to innovate how things are working.

Back to the hacking attempt, we had over 7k page scans for various bugs, scripts, code injections and sql injections. Our system automatically banned the ips that conducted scanning over our services for exploits, but that wasn’t all. ¬†Bellow I’ll mention what we did next.

What actions we took and why we think that the attack in our web server had a positive effect on us.

We double checked what hackers tried to do, because we wanted to understand their model and to figure out what they might do in future. After analyzing logs we noticed that their search was a more “generic” one, probably conducted with metasploit or other hacking software.

For us, this attack opened a new business opportunity for us and you might probably guess what we started doing. If you understand our business model right now, we indexed over 1 million proxies, so why not to use them as a method to prevent attacks in the  future ?

Bingo, that’s it, we started working at an anti-bot service ( could be expanded to prevent ddos attacks), which will first be tested in house and then released into the market.

We finished tests and we encourage everyone to do daily backups and scan their servers to make sure they don’t end up in an unlucky situation. We were lucky in this case, but we don’t want to repeat the same mistake twice. Preventing errors and point of failure is a must have in any business.

That’s all we wanted to say recently, if you are interested to get an early beta into our bot prevention service you can contact us via the contact page.