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proxy Proxy Api Bugs

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We are happy that we reached 900.000 indexed proxies but at the same time we are sad to announce that we had a small bug in our API that was showing incorrect data for active proxies. This was because of an API bug that caused the whole thing.

We don’t want to mislead our clients, nor to pursue for new customers using marketing tricks. Skyul is here to provide a fresh proxy list daily.

Because of the limitation in our API, we delivered only 10.000 active proxies at once instead of delivering them all. Because of that, probably we have been missing some of the active proxies in the past month. This wasn’t done on purpose, it was just an API limitation that remained in our codes since the first versions and we didn’t figured out until now.

Another feature that was changed in our proxy checker is that we changed the connection time for each ip from 5 seconds to 4 seconds, as a small tweak to scan list even faster. This feature isn’t the same as the proxy connection timeout.

Sorry for this little inconvenience, new proxies are here to arrive, without a limit!