Public proxy can’t be used for reverse proxy

We want to be clear for everyone, that our service only includes public proxies scanning and those proxies can’t be used as a reverse proxy.

This means that you can’t put your server behind a public proxy for direct connection to your server. Usually a reverse proxy is used for caching and for ddos protection.

Reverse proxies can hide the existence and characteristics of an origin server or servers and they can reduce load on its origin servers by caching content. Proxy caches of this sort can often satisfy a considerable number of website requests, greatly reducing the load on the origin server

The public proxies that we are using can be used with different tools to scrape content and to create new ones, hiding your origin ip. This means you could bypass restrictions and scrape whatever you want from search engines and from other web sites.

If you want to take a look at our public proxy list you can request a 2$ trial via the chat from the main page.